Professional Conversation..xD

Yesterday, i was studying. theoritically~
But hor, actually I study what i also duno~

While I was studying I recieved a message from Pamela (my coursemate)
Below is our messages~
Pam : If there's fixation at latency stage, izzit will become homosexual?
Me : Errrr.... which chapter? *obviously I was dreaming*
Pam : Personality...Freud's thoery ...psychosexual stages
Me : (After flipping through the notes) No, i dun think they will become gay,
it is due to genetic and environment factor de.Haha!
Pam : Haha..but at latency stage, the people have no interest in the
other sex i tot they will become homosexual if the fixation
Me : Many people around dat age got bf o gf wad tho its puppy love~
so Freud theory is not that correct! Gagagaga~
Pam : Haha.. you dun have the qualification to reject his theory la...
not even bachelor yet..=P
Me : Ngaiti, next time . . . I am gonna reject his theory and win nobel
prize ...bluekkkk.....hahahaha
Pam : Haha..ok..ok i wait =P..when u won nobel, gif me some cash oh...
Me : (haha u think too much, i won give u de hahaha)



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